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Energy Saving and Thermal Control Advantages!

When designing a home, active and passive heat gain and loss are important factors, not only for energy savings purposes, but also for interior atmosphere.  Indoor spaces can be up to 80% cooler in summer and warmer in winter, compared to rooms without Rolling Shutters. On cold winter days, the cold wind stays outside, providing comfort and keeping heating bills down to a minimum. On hot sunny days, air conditioning may not be needed.

EnviroSecure Rolling Shutters allow flexible and automated control of sunlight. This minimizes damage to carpets, paintings, furniture and plants from Ultraviolet light.  It's more than protection though, Rolling Shutters give you the opportunity to control the shade and temperature inside the room, making for a more comfortable living or working environment.

Privacy Inside Your Home!

Not only do you gain noise reduction from outside noises coming in, but also unwanted looks.   EnviroScure Rolling Shutters can be positioned so that they are partially or fully closed.   This gives you a way to protect yourself from intrusive views of neighboring buildings or other outside areas.

Noises coming in from the outside? Unwanted looks?  EnviroSecure Rolling Shutters can be positioned so that they protect from intrusive
looks and noises…

Enjoy The Added Protection Only
High Wind Shutters Provide!

Anyone who lives in an area where high winds threaten their property knows the cost and frustration that can go along with storm preparations.   Many wish there was a way to get ready once and not have to do it again.   When it comes to protecting windows, there is a better way to go instead of relying on plywood that must be replaced repeatedly.   EnviroSecure Rolling Shutters can give you the peace of mind you need with a few added benefits.

Technical Information !


EnviroSecure Rolling Shutters are available with a variety of Manual and Motorized Options.  

Such as:

Manual Controls
The Strap is a device that hangs on the interior wall and allows the strap from the shutter to be
wound and unwound from inside it by a pulling motion on the strap.  This control for these
options are probably one of the oldest used methods for Rolling Shutter Controls.
Also available in manual controls are the Winder Crank - a small box mounted on the inside of
the home or business and contains a small handle to assist in winding the shutter up or down;
and then there is the Pole Crank, also known as the Gear Drive, is a device known as a "bullet"
that hangs from the wall and allows the pole to be connected to it.  This unit consists of
hardened steel gears, permanently lubricated and fully enclosed in a sealed casing. The universal
and detachable crank handle assemblies are constructed of stainless steel and chrome plated b
rass with internal nylon bearings and nylon handle grips.

Somfy Motorization and Controls
The motors, manufactured by Somfy Systems Inc., are asynchronous, single phase, 120 volt,
with solenoid activated braking, and thermal overload protection. They are tubular in design and fit within the roller tube. All bearings and gears of the system are enclosed and permanently lubricated.

Wall Switches are available in toggle and paddles switches in the ivory and white.  As well as
a variety of key switches and locks for exterior use.

Remote Controls are available, in single channel and multi-channel (capable  of handling up to
five rolling shutters).  These come in a variety of hand-held remote (such as the unit to the left)
or wall mounted units.

Another option we have available is the Somfy MyLink.   Control your awnings, rolling shutters and rolling shades with a smartphone or tablet!    With myLink, it's easy to transform your experience with Somfy-powered motorized solutions and maximize the benefits that they provide, such as energy savings, privacy, comfort and convenience. The MyLink puts you in control, so that you can operate your motorized shades, blinds, awnings, screens and shutters with your favorite mobile device whether you’re home or not.


Upper Housings
The upper housing is a pre-assembled, modular system. It is 4 sided (90°) or 5 sided (45°) in
design and is enclosed (with the exception of the slat aperture) in a roll formed aluminum skin.
Its finish consists of baked on polymer based enamel in colors matching the tracks. The front
and lower portion of the housing is a detachable access panel. They are two piece coverings.
The back covering is pop-riveted to the housing and fastened to the studs above the protected
rea. The front covering is attached to the housing with sheet metal screws and employs a track
on the bottom to attach the storm bars, if stormbars are needed.

End Caps
The housing is supported at each end by die cast aluminum reel supports, which include stamped
aluminum alignment plated and injection-molded nylon slat guides.

Tracks / Rails

Side Tracks
Side tracks are extruded aluminum with Powder Coated Finish. The tracks undergo a five-step pretreatment process prior to the electrostatic application of a high solid polyester based enamel. The finish is applied in accordance with AAMA Standard 603.8. All side tracks are lined internally with tightly woven polypropylene runners.


The stormbars are constructed of thick extruded aluminum channels with an aluminum key at the bottom and spring loaded aluminum key at the top. The stormbars utilize two rows of 0.15" high by 0.27" backed poly pile weather-strip.

Differently shaped stormbars besides the I-Beam are available.

Slat Information

Installation Applications !

We can install in a variety of manners.

The most common application for pre-existing buildings. The shutter is applied to the
wall with appropriate mounting fasteners.

                         In Soffit
                         The shutter box is installed in the roof soffit space for a cleaner look. It might be
                         necessary to cut joists for installation.

Present a clean look by concealing the box and rails inside of the wall. Best used when
 shutters are integrated into the design of the building.
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